Customer Support is Crucial

Long-term customer service is essential when running software like this in your business. This is because it manages all the major functions of your business such as inventory management, billing, cash management and monthly reports. Therefore, it is essential to maintain such software without any interruptions.

Such a service requires long-term customer service, such as solutions to everyday problems and advice, awareness of new features in the software, and the introduction of new features.

Let's take a brief look at how we provide these services in the long run.

Storemate Support & technical team
Storemate Team


Parallax Technologies' Storemate division has two sub-divisions for this service.

01. Customer Service Division
02. Technical Services Division

These services are provided to you through these two sub-sectors.

Implementation is the work done by the customer service department after we register you as a customer at Storemate. This service is provided continuously for one month until you get used to using Storemate software.

We will do this in a few steps.

  1. Someone from the customer service department will talk to you and inform you about our procedures and discuss with you the next steps.

  2. After that, the information required to access your Online POS Account will be given to you by email.

  3. Then your key data entry will start. Here,
    • Your customer information
    • Information on your supplier
    • Your Goods and Service Information
    • Current inventory quantities of your goods

  4. After entering that basic information, the printing bill will be adjusted to suit your business information. This involves adjusting the size of your printer, including the business logo, address, and phone number.

  5. If there is any margin problem while printing the bill, we will fix it and we will even fix the barcode design for you.

  6. After all this, our team will provide you with the training sessions you need, according to the responsibilities of your staff.
    • For cashiers
    • To managers
    • To business owners

TalentFort Training Session with Storemate™ POS System

Once all of this is done, we will monitor with you how you are dealing with the real information of your business.

Your initial support process will then conclude, with an awareness of how you should contact us to resolve any issues that may arise in the future.

After the Implementation

Consider the case after starting to use the software with real business data.

Thus, the Support Ticketing feature has been introduced to connect with us mainly through the Storemate software. Here you can find answers to any questions you may have.

In addition, we have taken the following steps to improve the quality of service.

  1. We have a training team for quality customer service. An advisor has also been appointed to oversee the team.
  2. In addition to customer service, there is a separate ERP Consultant.
  3. All customer issues are handled through a Project Management Tool, and all Storemate customers can review their issues at any time and see our response by logging into this tool.

  4. Bugs in the software will be fixed at no extra charge.
  5. Our Youtube channel describes how each feature works. Link: 👉

  6. You will be given a User Guide / Software Manual which will also give you the information you need. Link: 👉

Long Term Support

Identifying and understanding the problems reported by customers is the most important fact in long-term support. As per our past experiences, problems reported by customers can be either a user error or a software bug.

Problem Types

Once a customer faces a problem then can report us via call or ticket. Then we analyze that problem to identify which category it falls from the following.

1) A user error
2) A software bug
3) A New Improvement
4) A New modification
5) A New development

If it is a user error,
We explain what they have done wrong and how should do it in the correct way.

Real-Life Example:

Reported issue:
Details in one of the invoices printed from the Storemate have been different from the daily sales summary report.

After the complaint, we investigated the problem via the "created date" and the "modified date" of the reported invoice. Then we realized, the invoice has been edited after the print. We explained it to the customer and finally, he realized that it was his own mistake.

Submitting Tickets

If it's not possible to give the solution at that same moment once we receive the problem over the phone, because it has to be checked technically, we request the customer to report the problem via the CRM tool so that we are able to investigate it deeply and same time customer also can track the progress. Then we discuss the problem with the internal team and finally, we give the solution.

Track the Progress

Keeping on track with the customer until solving the problem is more important because they do not get disappointed. Until we solve the issue, we update him/her on the updates over the phone or by answering the submitted tickets.

Urgent Cases

Further, if we cannot identify the issue over the phone or through messages, then we request the customer to provide screenshots or screen recordings to identify the problem accurately. If is it an urgent case, we connect with the customer through a remote control app such as Anydesk or Teamviewer. Mostly, as per our past experiences – a remote control app is a convenient way to identify the problem and solve it quickly.

If is it a software bug:

If the reported problem is a bug in the software, we consider it a higher priority. So we immediately report it to the Storemate technical team. Then, they give a fix to that bug and assign it to the quality assurance (QA) process. If the QA is passed, the fix will be released to the live environment and an update will be given to the customer.

If it is a new improvement /modification/ development:

If we identify the reported problem as a new improvement or modification in the software, we discuss it with the customer and prepare a document (WBS) with the summary of the requirement.

If the customer approves, we submit the document to the manager. Then, the manager connects with the customer via a meeting to discuss in detail and prepare a document (SRS). After the approval of the SRS from both the customer and manager, the technical team starts the development according to the timeline provided by management. (This process may be subjected to additional charges)

Further, we pass the progress of the development to the customer on a daily basis through the CRM.


Finally, below are some of the achievements we have made in maintaining these services.

  1. Received 05-star reviews under Google and Facebook reviews.
  2. Our service still has over 400+ customers currently including our first customer.
  3. We have posted the views of the customers who have received the service for more than a year on Youtube.
  4. SLT Group has a partnership with Talentfort (pvt) ltd.

We look forward to continuing to improve more services in this way. Through this, our aim is to become the best POS software service provider in Sri Lanka, providing excellent service to small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka.

Customers more than 1 year