Your Online and Physical Stock
in one spot

When you are receiving your orders from various channels, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, direct calls & shop visitors, it's very hard to manage everything effectively.

As a solution for that, you decide to develop an E-commerce web site for your store. Then you will find difficulty to show the current stock of your products because you going to receive orders for non-stock items.

E-commerce sync

How it works

Step 1

Receive orders

To your existing web site

Step 2

Sync orders

Real time or manually

Step 3

Update stock

Update the stock in both

Step 4

Process order

Payment and deliver

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Live Stock Sync

Your e-commerce web site, shows the existing product balance by syncing it with the StoreMate products stock.

This will control the orders from the web site that would come when the product is out of stock.

Stock Balance

Live stock balance or manually the stock can be updated

Out of Stock

Out of Stock items are clearly visible on the product

Online Order Sync

When an order is received through the web site, that particular order is synced to the Storemate system under the sales screen.

You can identify those online orders by a small icon on each sale.

Delivery Details

With the order details, the delivery details are synced with the payment details.

Customer Details

Customer details of the order are also synced so no need to login to the website.

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